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Scientific Integrity
I have invested my heart & soul into my business. I'm a perfectionist and it is extremely important to me that I take care of what I have created. We make fermented elixirs and kefirs which use probiotics and good bacteria to help create a healthy gut.

I am so grateful to have found a product that mimics my intention and values both for the planet and in science.

CleanSmart has become one of our support systems that allow us to sanitize and be hygienic throughout our kitchen. We made a smooth transition from using bleach and vinegar to using Hypochlorous Acid.

With the mister, I am able to disinfect absolutely every part of our kitchen within minutes. We can completely sanitize our refrigerators (including all the nooks & crannies) without even having to remove any food! We can now easily clean the hard to reach parts of our bottles and mist our wire shelving units without worry that they will rust.

No longer having to separate cleaning products from food is also a real game changer. At GoodyGut, we "Combine Scientific Integrity with Nature's Raw Ingredients" and that's why CleanSmart makes such a great partner...a real dream team.

Using CleanSmart allows me to run my business more effectively and with more scientific integrity...I could never go back.

- Andrea Menzies, Owner of GoodyGut

I couldn’t be happier
I was first introduced to the Clean Smart products by a family friend who knew I was looking for alternatives to alcohol based sanitizers. Being a Mom with a young child, I didn’t want to keep using harsh products on my child. In addition, we both have sensitive skin which becomes irritated after using many alcohol-based sanitizers. I couldn’t be happier with the results of the Clean Smart sanitizer, it’s a spray that is very easy to apply, it dries quickly, there is no sticky residue or strong smell afterwards and it doesn’t irritate my or my child’s skin. I will certainly continue using this product and explore the other product lines.
- Michelle Pawlick

Absolutely amazing!
As a single mom of 2, I don't know how I was cleaning without these products! They are absolutely amazing. The ingredients are clean and non-toxic so I don't have to worry about the kiddos. It smells good, doesn't leave any weird residue like other cleaners and gets the job done! I love this stuff and highly recommend it!
- Tammy

Google Reviews

  • A staple in my home!The Clean Smart Daily Surface is literally the best disinfectant I’ve ever used. I use it on all my hard surfaces, I use it on some fruit I get at the grocery store and my hands, it’s not irritating, and there’s no chemical or heavily fragrant smells like other sprays Definitely a staple in my home now.- Alli Catt
  • Use it on everything! I love the Daily Surface Cleaner from CleanSmart Canada. I use this product on everything in my house. Both rinse free and fragrance free is perfect for my sensitive skin. I love knowing that this product is natural and not full of chemicals. - Kate Francis
  • Highly recommendedI highly recommend this product. I love the fact that there are no harsh chemicals. Having a young child, this is a huge bonus. Also doesn’t leave your hands slimey like most sanitizers out there. Thanks CleanSmart for keeping my family safe.- Justin
  • This product works great!We introduced this product to a friend with psoriasis and she couldn't be happier. Finally a product that disinfects an area without a pungent smell or harsh chemicals. Since starting the use of clean smart she has reduced inflammation soreness on her hands. Good job clean smart! - Justin Kinsman
  • A Breath of Fresh AirI highly recommend Clean Smart and I only just started using it! I have been using Clean Smart for only a short time but I love that there is such a clean smell to it. I have been using many different disinfectants over the years and especially in the last year with Covid and the protocols that follow and I find the smell of other disinfectants tend to give me a headache. Clean Smart is literally a breath of fresh air! I have also been using it in my car and on the go and find it does not leave any residue or buildup! I am looking forward to using more of this amazing, safe product! - Alana Fettes
  • A Truly Amazing ProductI used this amazing product not only to keep myself and my family safe, but used it on my daughter extremely bad eczema and it cleaned it right up. I have tried all kinds of things to fix her eczema and nothing worked. I only had to use it a few times for results - Margaret Lopez

Household Disinfecting Spray

  • Use it everywhere! No residue, no smell, no toxins. I have already been through two bottles. - William, Online Customer
  • Sanitize toys and kill moldThis stuff is the best. Not only does it take care of the baby's toys after she's sick, but it even took care of the mold I was having trouble getting rid of in the shower.” - Amazon Shopper
  • Easy! “I love this stuff. WAY easier to clean than using soap and water. Just spray, let sit for 60 seconds and wipe it off!” - Beth, Amazon Shopper
  • Can't be beat.I am extremely pleased with the CleanSmart Daily Surface Cleanser! To find a product with such quality ingredients, for an affordable price, it just can’t be beat. Not to mention that this is the only hand cleanser that doesn’t dry out my hands!- Rachel Hendy
  • Did not dissapoint!This past year I moved out on my own for the first time, as a gift my mom gave me some cleaning supplies and she did not disappoint with CleanSmart. It works great, smells good and makes cleaning so quick and easy.- Matt
  • Automobile UseI like to keep it in my vehicle to use after pumping gas. Gets rid of any germs from the gas pump handle.- Mike
  • Quick home clean upWorks great for disinfecting our countertops and fridge and oven handles! Just a quick spray and wipe to clean possible cooking bacteria.- Sammy
  • Cleaning just about everythingI use CleanSmart for just about anything. It has great ingredients that I feel comfortable using around my kids and fur babies, plus I know it gives everything a good deep clean. I don't even remember what I was using before CleanSmart, but don't know how I cleaned without it! - Jessica
  • Bacteria free homeI like to use it all over the house to disinfect our door knobs and lights switches. We like to use it on our keyboards and tablets to keep them bacteria free. Works great in the bathroom to battle mildew.- Maggie
  • AwesomenessI love this product! I use it everywhere. It has replaced just about every other cleaning product I used to use. It even cleans mirrors and glass. I love that it has no smell, no chemicals, and it completely safe for me and my family (and dog and guinea pig). I can use it around our food when cooking. I also read and spoke to my Dr. that it is great for wound care. Windex from my Greek wedding! Ha.- Mark D
  • Nice on my handsI use the bigger 16 oz bottle for the house (wish they sold that in the 23 oz for the house), but this 2 oz bottle is my favorite. I use it on my hands instead of the alcohol based stuff. Much better. Also, I like it at the grocery store for the cart and the seat for public bathrooms. Actually, I use it all.over the place. I can give 5 stars easily. Plus, they sent me a thank you letter signed by them. That was pretty cool. Who does that?- Wesley
  • 100% Safe, Amazing Product!I used this inside of my CPAP hose and machine to clean it out. I let it sit and didn't rinse it out at all after I drained it. It was remarkably cleaner, had a great smell (but faint so it didn't bother me, and it went away the next day), and I swear I got much better sleep after I used it. Maybe it's just me, but I also could swear I could breathe a little easier the next day. I love it that it is made of chemicals that are naturally produced by the human body for the purpose of fighting off viruses and bacteria, etc. Great product and well worth the price!- Brad
  • Convenient and Food SafeIt dries residue free, as promised, and I appreciate that it’s safe around food, so I don’t have to be worried about contamination from overspray. Also no worries of it bleaching my clothes. This 2 oz size is easy to carry around outside, take to events I’m helping with, etc. Great product!- Debbie
  • Great ProductI was a little reluctant when I learned of CleanSmart Canada's products. I think I was so accustomed to the heavy odors and chemicals from other similar cleaning products that it seemed too good to be true. But, I gave it a shot, and it is good and true! I can never go back to other products again! And, with small kids at home this is so wonderful to not worry about all those bad chemicals!- Chuck
  • Incredible Cleaner!I manage a restaurant/bar. A friend of mine recommended CleanSmart for my daily bar cleaning. I decided to try it and immediately loved it. It’s a great cleaner and the no smell aspect of it is perfect for the bar. I’ve also begun to use it at home and discovered it’s a great disinfectant for minor cuts and that sort of thing. Clean and versatile!- Roger N.

Nursery & Baby Disinfecting Spray

  • Safe to use around grand-daughter “My Granddaughter has Cystic Fibrosis and is only 5 months old My daughter uses this because she knows it is safe (to use) around her.” - S.B., Amazon Shopper
  • No Irritating odors! I'm very sensitive about odors, especially cleaners, disinfectants, bleach, and chemical odors. I've used Cleansmart…and each time barely detected any odor at all…just smelled ‘fresh’ to me. - JB, Online Customer
  • A MUST for the Toy Room Great for my baby's toys. I can keep them clean without having to take them apart and put them in the dishwasher every day. - Online Review

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