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    Use the Daily surface cleaner and disinfectant throughout the home.


CleanSmart's no-rinse, no-residue technology is taken from the medical field and bottled for your family to use at home.

Our disinfectants kill 99.9% of germs including bacteria, viruses, and fungi with pure and natural ingredients.

Killing germs is essential to keeping your family safe, but many products can leave chemical residue behind.

CleanSmart does not require rinsing off surfaces after use. Just spray, air dry or wipe off if preferred.

CleanSmart can help protect your home against germs

Protect your family from Influenza, Coronavirus, and much more CleanSmart Canada is a Health Canada-approved virucide, fungicide, and bactericide.
Stop the spread of germs! Spray doorknobs, faucet handles, toilets, and let air dry after someone has been sick.
Keep bacteria out of granite! Granite is a minefield for germs and requires lots of sanitizing so germs don't get down in the small cracks and pits.
Stay healthy on the go! Viruses on airplane tray tables, shopping carts, public toilets are easily stopped with just a spray or two of CleanSmart.

Great ways to use CleanSmart in your home

Like no other disinfectant.

No Dyes

No Bleach

Alcohol Free

No Harsh Fumes

No Harmful Chemicals

Color Safe

Rinse Free

Fragrance Free

No Allergens

Pet Safe if Licked

Can I trust these claims?

Disinfectant products are heavily regulated, and CleanSmart Canada's germ-killing claims have been tested by outside laboratories and registered with the EPA, FDA and Health Canada.

CleanSmart Canada's DIN: 02532034.
CleanSmart Canada's EPA number: 89896-2.

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