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CleanSmart is worry-free to use around kids and pets

No Harmful Chemicals

CleanSmart is made with simple ingredients: ionized water, salt, and Hypochlorous Acid. It is alcohol-free, and contains no BZK, ammonia, dyes or added fragrance.

No Chemical Residue

CleanSmart breaks down to simple saline water after it disinfects---leaving NO chemical residue behind. Just spray and air dry, or wipe if you prefer.

No Harsh Fumes

Breathe easy! No toxic odors or lingering fumes.

No First Aid Warnings

Totally worry-free around people, babies and pets.

Food Surface Contact Safe

With its potent disinfecting capabilities and non-toxic composition, Hypochlorous Acid is a trusted solutions for upholding hygiene in food-related environments. Instilling confidence as a reliable choice for maintaining cleanliness and safety

Trusted by Health Care Professionals

Its deployment in hospitals emphasizes its unparalleled safety, fostering a sanitized environment crucial for patient well-being and healthcare excellence